By hazelh

Tomato soup brewing

Just another Monday in lockdown. Today I:

- brewed soup - spicy roast tomato (blipped) and pepper
- made a 'Christmas pie' with left-over turkey, and sprouts and carrots with a puff pastry crust (turkey from the freezer, fresh ingredients sourced from Mr hazelh's supermarket trek this morning)
- rode my indoor exercise bike while learning about Romans from Mary Beard
- worked on my co-authored article (currently 7700 words with more work to do on the literature review, discussion, conclusion, and introduction sections)

Mr hazelh placed an order for a new microwave and set of kitchen scales. He added a toaster to the list since our existing one is ailing - it only toasts well on two of the four slots. The delivery is meant to come between 7pm and 11pm. I hope that it arrives sooner rather than later because I am usually ready for bed by 9pm! Mr hazelh says that he will stay up, if necessary.

Exercise today: 55 minutes on the exercise bike.

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