By spannarama

Wedding, what wedding?

We were going to go shooting this morning, but Tim was still feeling knackered, so decided to give it a miss.  I was knackered too but needed to get out for a bike ride, so I decided to go this morning for a change, hoping the route into London would be a bit quieter - which it was.

It was super windy riding across Blackheath - I had to get off and walk at one point as it was so hard-going.  Stopped for a breather at the viewpoint in Greenwich Park, and spotted this couple arriving for a photo shoot.  I sneaked a few photos of my own; I like the way the man on the left is studiously ignoring them in this one ;)

Carried on along the south side of the river, as far as Tower Bridge - then walked over to London Bridge to catch the train home.  Had a pretty relaxed afternoon after that, taking it in turns with Tim to play on the PlayStation - and attempting to catch up on my photos.  I'm getting there now!

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