Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Dull Sky. Who Cares?

We knew we would take the cameras and flasks of tea out with us this morning but we looked out to a very dull grey sky. Not the glorious sunrise as we'd had earlier in the week.

So let's go somewhere where we won't need to have the sky in the shots. We come here a few times a year and it is different each time. I had to tread carefully. There was just a light covering of snow on the grass which was safe to stand on but I avoided venturing closer onto the ice-covered rocks.

I got some more detailed shots of the lovely icicle fringes around the edge of the stream with my other lens but I preferred Aira Beck in this shot. I found myself just wanted to gaze at it. So much easier to spend time gazing at a computer screen in the warmth of my lounge than hanging around in the cold this morning.

It was well worth going out, even though it wasn't a particularly nice day. Back into work for a while this afternoon.

I was told you can see it large by hitting L on the keyboard. It worked on someone else's blip. I'll try it!

WOW! YES, it works! You can look it the icicles if you have time.

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