Desperately seeking

By clickychick

A Bit Of A Rush

I was busy hoovering and dusting around the house this morning when i got a phone call. It was from Visit Britain, the organization which grades holiday accommodation in the UK. The inspector wanted to visit Amber Nook tomorrow. Eeeek!

We normally get a months notice and at this time of year owners do a deep clean, a bit like a spring clean but in the depths of winter. We had been anticipating being fully booked until next week so had put our work off til then.

Anyhow our booking fell through so the inspector called. Well, thankfully we try to keep up all round the year with jobs so it would have been presentable. BUT our previous inspector had retired so we're getting someone new! That put us into a panic and we dashed out just to cast a critical eye over the place. Apart from that the heating needed to be turned back to a normal level.

So pleased we went there - the plastic ivies were in need of a dunking in soapy water, and it gave us the excuse to come home via the lake and have a coffee in Pooley Bridge.

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