Desperately seeking

By clickychick

A Bit Bleak

I didn't mean to put up a bleak blip. It doesn't reflect my mood, but, hey, that's how the weather in Scotland is today.

As always, after a funeral, everyone goes home. ArcaneSpark left the lodge with Emily at 7.30am so I didn't see her. My cousin left us shortly after 9am. Katkatkat would have asked to be taken home soon but she had offered to help tidy the lodge, knowing we have our Visit Britain inspection on Friday.

We had a problem! Many hundreds of pounds of jewellery was missing! We had all watched Kat, last night, thread her rings onto her gold bracelet as we sat at the dining table. They were missing! We searched every improbable place then felt we needed to give up and return to our house for lunch.

Now, as it happened, the Boot & Shoe had wrapped up for us all the left-over food from the funeral tea. We had taken it to the lodge last night and used it with our salad. When we had eaten as much as we wanted it had been re-wrapped and brought home.

So! Loving puddings as I do, I had asked for some left-over apple pie at lunchtime. Kat got it out of the layers of foil and out fell something. What? Her jewellery that had been on the table last night! Hurrah! 

We could set off for Edinburgh happily! We stopped so I could get a blip and the nice point of the day was a meal in the Caley Sample Room,. Always good.

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