Desperately seeking

By clickychick


A day of "deep-cleaning" at the holiday lodge. The sort of day when you hire a carpet cleaner and you know what that means. Yes, utter disappointment if the carpets weren't actually dirty enough to produce thick black water and lots of grit in the waste bucket! Somehow you feel you haven't had value for money!

Anyhow, this is the sort of thing we do every year in this quiet month, three weeks to make sure everything's been pulled out checked, cleaned and put back. We do it, even though we know we are pretty thorough between visitors on Saturday mornings.

And so, we know when the Visit England Inspector comes next month she won't see a cobweb hanging from the lampshade!

We deserved a little quiet time in the late afternoon so we went to the same place I had been on Sunday for sunrise. We hung around until after the sunset.

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