Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Two Reasons To Celebrate

I was glad for some company on an early trip down the Ullswater valley this morning. It helped take my mind off the new inspector coming to grade the lodge. When I got home I had a quick bath before the phone rang. My inspector was outside the lodge! Eeeek! He had had a cancellation. "I can be with you in 20 minutes." I said.

Drat! The new doormat was still in the car boot, he had already seen the old one! Drat! The plastic ivy plants were still draining in the sink!

I need not have worried. He had had his own holiday let, like we do. He and his wife did the cleaning of it, like we do. He had had inspections, like we do. He thought we had done everything we could and would keep our 4 stars. I explained that the ivies don't usually live in the sink.

When I got home it was time for a special celebration: The Mother was posting her 100th blip. She's 86 and I wanted her to create her own view of life. When I got it set up for her just over a year ago she got quite poorly and I didn't push the idea. it was only when she was due to go into care last autumn that I saw it as the ideal way of her seeing what we were doing with the grandchildren and me seeing how she was coping in the home.

She had an intensive 2 week training on how to use my laptop and Blipfoto. She managed. She doesn't have broadband at home so all her posts and comments have to be done at our house while I make the evening meal. She's done really well to keep up with it.

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