By ArcLight

Yet another building site

We're surrounded by building sites here, as the area gradually (rapidly?) transforms itself from a mixed residential/commercial/trade/light industrial area into a more or less exclusively residential area (with a few commercial units). Eventually, perhaps a few shops and cafes too....

This is one of the smaller sites, alongside the Water of Leith just upstream from us, and on Newhaven Road. It is, I think, exactly where the old Blip HQ used to be. Right opposite us - the old John Lewis Depository, now basically vacated - is about to be subject to a planning permission application, and it could be end up being a very large building site right on our doorstep. Great. Already they are, as Mr A put it, drilling for oil (aka testing out the land to see how much pile driving is needed). As the pile driving will, eventually, go on for weeks, I hope it is done at some point when we are away. But I guess we are some way away from that for now, although I've no doubt the planning permission will go through. We expect to object as regards the size of the buildings proposed, and how close they are to the road (and thus to our bedroom window).

An active day, when it eventually started. I was slow to get going to this morning, as I couldn't get to sleep last night. I was supposed to be going to spinning, but had to cancel that as it took too long for me to finish some travel booking this morning. So I went spinning this evening instead, and tried to take it gently, as the last time I went spinning in the evening I couldn't sleep until 2am... I also went for a brisk walk this morning - to my usual rendezvous, namely Milk Cafe. There I sat and did a bit of reviewing of my friend JDz's big grant application, which is due tomorrow. She's just tweaking the final bits. Fingers crossed.

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