We had a delivery of gin today, to keep us going for a few days.... It included a bottle of the Achroous Gin, produced down in Leith, of which we drank a bottle after Christmas. I don't know about Old Tom - that's a random pick because it was on offer. The Downpour from North Uist seemed so appropriate, not only to the rainy reputation of the Western Isles, but also to the teeming rain we had yesterday, today and for days if not weeks into the future, according to the forecast.

I managed a walk today, although it was drizzling when I was out. Luckily not a downpour, but bad enough. Other than that, some good zooms/teams (although none as hilarious as yesterday), lots of progress on various fronts, and then in the late afternoon a recording of an interview conducted by someone based in Southern California. If he uses it on his website or, more likely, his podcast series, I'll post the link here. What cut me most was the fact that the guy who interviewed me was *wearing shorts*.

Dinner was an excellent Caribbean pork recipe which Mr A looked out when I brought some pork fillet home from the supermarket at the weekend. It was bloody delicious, I have to say. Washed down with some beer (which we are tending to drink rather than wine at the moment).

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