Two Cuts and Counting?

I'm just waiting to see if we get a third power cut after resetting the mains powered clocks after the first one.
they only last a few minutes and I have no idea what is causing them but it's the whole area, traffic lights, street lights, all houses, road signs, everything is in darkness.
It's now 20:00 and so haven't had a power cut for 20 minutes, the other two were about 10 minutes apart.
Must admit we are very lucky in most Western countries, power and water supplies are generally always available, water is drinkable straight from the tap, unlike many countries I've visited during my life.
Top two photographs are the dots ':' between the digits and '0:02' indicating it's two minutes since the power came back on. Everything has now been reset and keeping fingers crossed. 
We do have small LED torches handy for such events.

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