By Norm53


Not been a very good day. Took Sal down home to help her mum look after her dad who had a hip operation. It’s not for me to go in to details but the family have been let down terribly by the NHS. In a nutshell they have an 88yr old man at home who was in no state to have been discharged and have been given next to nothing in the way of aftercare for the first three days he has been out.

Sal’s family have done a lot for me over the years and I’ve come to look upon myself as part of the family so I an as upset and as angry as they are about the situation.

At one time my main way of releasing emotions was turning to drink but thankfully that is behind me. These days I tend to turn to photography and my love of the outdoors to unwind. One of my main loves are maps, I can study them for hours and tonight I got my Somerset maps out as this is where me and Sal are going in April. I’ve been checking out different places on the internet for us to visit with our cameras.

I feel better for doing it, I just hope everything is ok down in Sheffield.

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