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By Damnonii

Completing the circle...

Well, after a tense few days of trying to get a date to suit a group of friends for a get together, we had finally found one that suits us all...the 30th May!  


It doesn't help that we are scattered all over, from Stranraer to Dumbarton, Rothesay to Lanark, Peebles to Perthshire!  At one point four of them could make it at the end of this month, but I am always nervous of hosting our get togethers in winter as there's nothing more annoying than finally getting a date organised then the weather puts the kibosh on it.  The end of May makes it much more likely to go ahead.

So, that sorted, I tackled lots of other pressing things today...actually no I didn't.  Apart from a short sojourn in the (very) fresh air and sunshine, I have done nothing of note.  And I'm not even embarrassed by that.  So there.  I mean what's the point of being a lady of leisure if there's no leisure involved who said there's no lady either!  Tsk!

In other news, when I was talking to David yesterday about blipping Lola for International Golden Retrievers Day, he asked "what did you blip on International Golden Retrievers Day before we had a Golden Retriever?"  I had no idea, so I checked.  It was gin.  'nuff said!

Talking of Golden Retrievers, Lady Lola is still showing absolutely no symptoms of Kennel Cough or the original swallowing that she was doing that alerted us to a problem, and has been her usual bouncy self. 

 I am still convinced she coughed up a bit of something that was stuck in her soft palate and that was causing the problem, but we will be responsible owners and keep her clear of other dogs for the recommended time.

Oh and today's blip is the Ryder Cup 2014 Commemorative Bronze Sculpture Gleneagles Hotel installed to commemorate the hosting of the  tournament between Europe and U.S.A. (Europe won!  Woo Hoo!)  

It always puzzles me that it sits on the first tee of the Kings Course when the tournament was played on the PGA Centenary course, but there you go.

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