Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess


Growing on a contorted hazel up my street.

I had an outpatient appointment today at the Royal Infirmary as follow-up to my hip replacement on 19th December (and the dislocation on Hogmanay). The news about the hip was generally good in that I haven't done it any lasting damage through the dislocation. It might however dislocate again and that could mean another replacement - but I am going to do my best to prevent that from happening! As regards my back, the news was less good as the MRI scan shows that I've got the instability in my lower spine which the surgeon suspected, and that has caused, or at least contributed to, the dislocations. And it may get worse, giving me pain in my legs, and that might need spinal surgery. But I'm not there yet! And it might not happen, either. T came to the appointment with me and we got the bus back - another first.

I was told I could drive again at my appointment, so I duly got into the car this afternoon - which refused to start. Green Flag came out and did the necessary and I then needed to drive to charge up the battery, so I went down to Peebles and back. All in all it's been quite an eventful day - it remains to be seen how the hip has taken it all and I expect it will tell me tomorrow if it isn't happy.

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