By stujphoto

Megan on her afternoon walk

As a puppy Megan needs to be taken out for a substantial walk twice a day. On her afternoon walk we tend to take her to Belhaven Beach and throw a ball for her which she really likes . However unlike most dogs who you throw a ball and they chase after it and bring proudly back to you, Megan chases after the ball then plonks herself down where the ball has landed to guard the ball and either she runs off with it just as you are arriving or if you can tempt her with a biscuit you may if you are lucky be able to grab the ball before she runs off with it. It's quite frustrating for the ball thrower as sometimes the ball becomes more important than the treat and you have a real job getting its off her.

The other frustration is than she sometimes disappears into the dunes and drops the ball down a rabbit hole and it disappears for ever. Fortunately she is very adept at finding balls so our cache of balls rarely runs right down.

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