One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Wha' you lookin' a'?

Went back for another look at the small but great exhibition Ireland in Focus: photographing the 50s 
The Henri Cartier Bresson slideshow was especially good. 
I also liked the two old Kodachrome (?) photos of sausage hamateurs killing a pig. 
It brought back very strong memories of my childhood when tuer le cochon (killing the pig - always the definite article) meant a weekend of intense familial activity. With unforgettable sounds (the squealing of the pig - by far the hardest part), colours (the hot carmine blood gushing out of the jugular incision, into the plastic bucket with a quarter of a litre of wine vinegar to stop the coagulation) and above all smells: the burning of the freshly slain pig in a bale of hay to burn off the animal's blond hairs and the vigorous scrubbing of the skin with wire brushes, the mesmerising smell of the black-pudding when the fresh blood (with its dash of vinegar) was added to the big black cast iron cauldron where the onions had been reduced to a mushy paste. I can still smell it. I wish I could still taste it. I know that I will never again eat black pudding that good. 
I can still see my younger brother happily chewing on the singed hooves (this must mean that hay fire has quick and efficient sterilising virtues...) He was taking the popular saying "dans le cochon tout est bon" to its most attainable extreme...  
But I digress. 
It is a great photographic exhibition.
That brought back strong memories. Even if I wasn't born in the 1950s. 
Other visitors of the exhibition definitely were. The average age in the room dropped suddenly when I walked in.
To seventy-two.  

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