Two hedgehogs and a mug

Very pleasant sunny day, so Mr A and I walked up to the weir, and then back down to Ostara Cafe, where I treated him to a late brunch/early lunch (well, it was only the brunch menu at that point). I was most attracted by the two hedgehogs, which were the salt and pepper cellars/dispensers, what ever you want to call them, plus a very nice mug which Mr A was given for his coffee, which we were practising describing as an object, in the manner he is learning to do for his OU course. The food was pretty good too, and the coffee was from Peru.

Otherwise, I've been working, as usual, and again from home. I'll spend tomorrow in the office. I was supposed to go to the gym for a class at 8.30pm, but I need to learn that basically I am only (at my age) ever (especially in winter) going to take exercise between the hours of 9am and 6pm. So I had to cancel the class... But in compensation, I've been working late, sending out some emails regarding an upcoming visit to Berlin.

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