By ArcLight

Sweetland Cafe

Hmmm. This didn't work as well as I wanted. The aim of blipping at least part of the substantial frontage of Sweetland Cafe from an angle was to try and make visible the huge numbers of traditional jars of sweeties on the right hand wall. But they aren't really visible. So in the end it's a bit of a rubbish photo.

I've already blipped the edge of Sweetland Cafe when blipping SoSoup next door. It's a huge, and presumably hugely unhealthy, emporium not only for sweets, but also for burgers and all the other things listed on the frontage. Quite a contrast to its rather healthy neighbour. Well, it takes all sorts, amongst the leithwalkshops.

I was on my way to work after a yoga session that was supposed to be pilates, but wasn't, because of staff sickness. I cycled in - the first time since the turn of the year. I'm still not enjoying cycling that much. I guess it will come back in due course. But today it was doubly unpleasant, quite apart from knee difficulties, as it was really pretty cold, especially on hands and face. We await the arrival of Storm Ciara.

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