Denver Dusk

Having just got back from Denver a couple of days ago, I was back in the air today - and BACK to Denver! It had been snowing almost non-stop for about 24 hours and we were all surprised that the flight didn’t cancel or get delayed. It was quite foggy when we landed but surprisingly the snow wasn’t very deep. By the time we got to the hotel at about 2pm the clouds were clearing and we saw some blue sky.

I went out for an early dinner with some of the crew and afterwards I went for a short walk before going back to my hotel room. Dusk is my favourite time of day. It was very cold but the fresh air felt good and I loved the light.

I found a new vantage point to get a good shot of the Capitol building. One of the steps to the Capitol has a marker on it showing the (supposedly) precise point of 5280 feet - 1 mile above sea level. You can definitely feel that altitude here in Denver!

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