Adam's Images

By ajt

LU abstract

Today's back blip is a semi-attempt at an abstract Thursday. It started as a close-up of a LU biscuit , which are very nice by the way, but wasn't really abstract enough.

I played around with it a bit in GIMP, and I'm not really artistic enough and I don't know the tool well enough to really get much out of it, but in the end this effect seems to work okay, it has turned the biscuit into something resembling a piece of cast iron mould or press that you may use to make a LU biscuit from...

Had some less good news about my step-father, he probably doesn't have long left. As far as I can tell he isn't in pain and feels okay, but I now have to make plans to visit to take anything of sentimental value from the house and to deal with the end. Doing my best not to be morbid, but it's not nice however you look at it.

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