A Visit to the Shadowlands

There was ice and freezing rain overnight, but by the time I had to drive to work, it was mostly just rain. There was an amazing mist show going on out in the country where we live, and I couldn't help myself: I pulled over into Gray's Cemetery for a quick walk around through the fog.

This was one of the photos I took. In the center of this shot is a tree that I love, that you have seen on these pages before. In the fall, it turns a lovely shade of orange. The trunk of the tree embraces several tombstones.

On this morning, it was so foggy out that you could hardly even SEE the tree from where I was standing. The scene had a surreal feeling to it. It was like a visit to the Shadowlands.

The song: Lou Gramm, with Lost in the Shadows, from the film Lost Boys.

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