By JohnW


Before we left home we geared up for temperatures of minus eleven deg C at Tromso and Alta.  It’s plus three C at both!!
Nevertheless the cloud is patchy at the moment (five pm) so MAYBE we will get to see some lights tonight.
Arrived at Alta this morning, and what a parking place.  The blip is from the ship looking south across the fjord. 
At extra is a 'zoomed in' shot of the main blip, plus a shot of one the ship’s RIBs being brought back on board.  You can hire a ride (“experience”) on a rib, and also at extra is shot of this morning’s conscripts just being lead off.  (Another time maybe . . . ??)
Fingers crossed again.

ps - They showed, but not very bright.  A few shots, but a fare bit of PS needed to be able to produce a reasonable image - see extra extra.

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