By GracieG

Goodbye Lovely Lady

I didn't really know you, we had only met you a few years ago, and although you only lived next door, we respected that you were a very private couple.  However, I knew you long enough to know what a special lady you were.  You were kind, you loved your husband of more than 60 years dearly...and he clearly adored you!  You had a wicked and dry sense of humour and even though the last few years of your life were marred with pain, you were always cheerful when we popped round to see you, always interested to hear what we had been doing, always dignified, elegant and we loved your sense of fun.
So sad, that today, we attended your funeral. Afterwards we were privileged to share photos with your family and to see how you enjoyed life and heard how you loved to dance and swim and enjoyed the countryside, coast and all nature.
You lived 95 years, to the day.  I wish I had known you better, but the small amount of time M and I spent with you was always a joy.
Goodbye B...Rest in Peace.  We will look out for your beloved T for you. 

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