By kirstymill

Flotilla of swans

This morning was beautifully sunny, so I decided to get out for a walk before the bad weather rolled in later in the day. I headed over to Holyrood Park and across to St Margaret's Loch where a flotilla of swans was making its way across to some tourists with bird seed. The sun caught the white of their feathers beautifully.

There were also plenty of tufted duck around and it was fun to watch them diving for food. The water is quite clear, so when they were close to the shore I could see them swimming underwater. Interestingly I also spotted a single goose among the swans. I couldn't identify it and after asking around I'm still not sure whether its a greylag goose, a pink footed goose, a hybrid or a moulting individual. I've included it as one of my extras in case anyone can help with its identification!

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