By HeidiHH


Another sunrise for ya!

Pretty normal day disrupted by relatives. It's really hard to get things done when there's no structure in a day. I feel I'm trying to fit my own things somewhere but that I'm only managing to succeed partially.

Anyway. I did manage to wash the floor. Sort out my trainers (2 oldest ones to the garbage and fix the new ones for use). Bit of epoxy crafting after I de-molded the ones I made yesterday. One short walk to get my heart rate up. And watched the end of Volta a la Valencia of today's leg. They climbed to Sierra de Bernia. We've been there for one hike but on different corner of the mountain. We've tried to hike Puig Campana, but once the car broke down and then the weather was too stormy. So after seeing the sights from today's competition I'm exploring Sierra de Bernia in my mind again.

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