a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Hiding from the Gruffalo

A belated but most enjoyable birthday lunch for Incredibish with Cathy and his wife janet (my sister) at a Cotswold Pub today, followed by a walk in the woods where there are all sorts of scary monsters to hide from ...

I have to say, that Mark is a bit of a gift to this particular blipper.  When I think back, there are a large number of my blips in which he has featured, quite often shamelessly mugging for the camera.  Janet ought to rent him out as a photographic model to other blippers stuck for inspiration - it might even supplement her pension ;-)

The lunch was absolutely brilliant, we definitely want to revisit that pub.  I probably won't need to eat for a week as I went for all three courses.  Even though Mark very sensibly restricted himself to just a starter and a main course, by the time that we left earlier this evening Janet had her tape measure out and was checking his waist size ... if he's not very careful my sister will be trying to get him on a diet.  Scary things in the woods?  Not half as scary as my sister with a tape measure....

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