By dogwithnobrain

All I know is that to me..

After much discussion with fellow tight hates/ lovers yesterday I went back and checked what had been delivered....

Turns out I was wearing tights which were (a) too long and (b) three sizes too small.   I AM DELIGHTED.    Imagine, however uncomfortable it was, I did have them on.  

Tomorrow I think I shall raid Tooli's wardrobe and dress myself accordling to my new size.  :-)  

Today was blustery.  I'll give it that.  But I wouldn't call it a storm.  I always feel that the weather forecasters over state it since Michael Fish missed the hurricane. 

I always get so excited at the prospect of wild weather - but when it got to it's utmost bluster today, the tide was as far out as it could be.  Very disapointing. 

Si has spent the day driving us around in Big Red.    he enjoyed it, but I think he needs to get out and drive around, fast with his music on (well I'm not going to let him play his music when I'm in the car am i? ). .... 

Other than that, and falling asleep randomly at least 5 times today. ( I fear I may have been bitten by a tse fly. )  I have done nothing of any note. 


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