By dogwithnobrain

There’s a great amount of strain

It’s been a chaotic week at work.

We took over another company and we are trying to incorporate them into our systems. It’s proving challenging.

Today I decided to treat everyone and wear a dress. I don’t often do that but I made an exception today.

I wore tights too.

The tights were an issue. These are supposed to be the best most comfy; non-cutting, non-slipping tights. Bollocks.

By the time I got to work they had slid to my belly from my waist. I had Nora Batty ankles and my svelte silhouette was being cut like a tied beef joint.

I had to keep checking my whole self when I left the toilet as I live in fear of walking into my office with my skirt tucked into my knickers.

I left the loo at one point .... and did a quick check in the hallway. Sticking my hands up my skirt to adjust the tights before entering the office

Only remembering as I opened the door... we are a bloody security company and there are four different angles the engineers would have gotten of me adjusting my undies .

I left a note for my boss; so he wouldn’t fire me for flashing.

It’s all better now... Si is tolerating me walking around with my tights rolled down to my thighs! The lucky dog!

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