By dogwithnobrain

And I look across the water

I convinced Si to "give me a lift " in Red tonight. 

I really wasn't sure about this purchase, but now that I have a couple of days driving back and forth to work, am actually very delighted. 

I felt bad though that he chose him, but hasn't had the chance to drive him because I don't have a bus or train stop near the office. 

So to the shop he drove me, and then I asked him to drive me to the beach so that I could get  a photo for the day.   

Look at this... is so beautiful.  I love long exposures.  

I love this beach I really do. I could quite happily have sat there for a couple of hours, but it was 5 degrees and not the warmest and my bum was getting cold on the wall. 

Top picture is the long exposure - extra is a little shorter. 

That is venus in the sky.  It's amazing isn't it?  That planets just sit there. 

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