By dogwithnobrain

All shook up uhuhu

Would be lovely to be profound everyday with clever thoughts and words; but it just isn’t possible is it?

I have spent the last week untangling wool. I could spend quite a lot of time unknotting, unwinding and rolling yarn. It’s very relaxing and very fulfilling when it gets there.

Tonight I started working the yarn. I cast on 100 stitches on my needles- and crocheted 100 on a hook. Couldn’t decide which one I would got with.

After a few rows crochet won out - I wouldn’t hold my breath tho; I seem to u pick more than I keep together

In other news. We lit a candle at work today and put up ‘quiet time’ signs. We are really busy just now and screaming abuse at people just hasn’t been working. The candle and the signs seem to have done the trick. I think maybe they are worried we really have flipped

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