I Witness

By KangaZu

Silly Saturday ....

.... Plainfield Rail Trail Chipmunk.

To take advantage of the sunshine (which we haven't seen in a few days) we took the short ride up to the Plainfield Rail Trail.  And even though the sun was finally shining it was still a bit on the cold side with temps in the mid 30's F.  

We were hoping to see some chipmunks but I made the comment as we were getting close that I thought it was too cold and windy for them to be up out of their burrows. 

But to my delight and surprise we saw this little one almost immediately upon our arrival!  We put down some nuts and seeds and it didn't take her long to come over to them.  We normally pull the car into the parking area so that I can sit in the car to take pictures when we do see the chippies. That way I can rest the camera on the window frame for more steady shots.  And I'm a little more out of sight of the chippies making them seem less afraid of the woman with the camera!

I suspect this to be a female .... who might even be pregnant as she seems a little plump for a wild chipmunk.  These chipmunks don't have an endless supply of nuts and seeds like the ones closer to home so they are usually smaller in size.  I have added a picture to my Nikon photo page .... which can be seen here. 

Happy Silly Saturday!!! 

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