Derelict Sunday

We came upon this boat high and dry sitting in the yard of The Crows Nest on our walk this morning.  It’s the place to pick up all kinds of cheap bargains and building salvage. Owned by Timaru District Council In association with its waste minimisation efforts. A popular place to treasure hunt. This boat sits at the entrance. I’ve put a close up in extra.

A beautiful Sunday, caught up with friends later in the afternoon.  

We are noticing leaves are turning golden and dropping from trees (particularly the Silver Birches); they are under stress from lack of water and high temperatures.  An early autumn as far as autumn colours are concerned it seems.

The first Super Moon of the decade tonight, we have clear skies.....I’m not a moon photographer so will be happy to look at it.  I’ve watched it the last two nights as well, but tonight it will be totally full.


Edit later - I know I said I wouldn't photograph the Super Moon, but just noticed it as it rose above the trees, and just had to snap off two or three. I took this from my door, hand really was that orange and looked absolutely stunning.  It’s in extra and if you’re lucky you may be able to see an outline of trees just below it as well (just).

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