Birthday boy Pt 2.

Just got in from the hospital once more.
Stephen looking so much better today. And able to enjoy opening a present from some friends.
The card is priceless!
I know someone in Portugal who will recognise the sense of humour and the person behind it!
Now in my jimjams again. Storm raged last night but has calmed down here a lot this evening.
We also had slivers of blue sky peeping through the scudding clouds!
I was treated to Sunday lunch at friends who live just up the road.
Good to be able to relax awhile with them. Their gift is hospitality.
I then was taken to the hospital and had my usual lift home in what I call the Va Va Vroom with heated front seats. Bliss!
Our friends and neighbours have been fantastic. I feel so blessed and thankful.
Extras of Stephen and the lunch table.

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