......a very small railway station named after a castle by the River Jed, North Cheviot Hills, in Scotland. The station is a small shed which sits against a rural background on the main line between Christchurch and Kaikoura in the Hawkswood area off State Highway 1.

I was up early to watch dawn break over Kaikoura, it was calm and quite beautiful as a soft light lit the sky and clouds. I was hoping for a little more but really it was more than enough. A couple of extras of the morning.

We left Kaikoura after breakfast as I was eager to search for Ferniehurst station as we'd found Claverley station on our way to Kaikoura a couple of days ago. Clouds were rolling through creating a dramatic scene, I was in my element and took many shots. 

As we continued south we had four seasons in one day. Rain pelted down upon the windscreen with hail in places, wind wrapped round the car then out of nowhere came bright sunshine. We arrived home to find branches on the lawn, leaves stripped from trees and pots rolled over, a day of contrasts.

We had a wonderful couple of nights in Kaikoura, so close to home we really should go more often. 

And here I am, it's Feb 2020, catching up with backblips. I'm disappointed this has become a backblip but with my eyes and life being hectic, sadly it's the way it is. Just thankful to be able to catch up while my eyes are ok.  

If your interested take a look at yesterday's blip which outlines our day with a few extra shots. Thanks for taking a peek :)

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