Ciara and car parks

Despite the forecasts of foul weather, we decided to stick with our original plan and drive to Bristol.  There was some rain, but not heavy or continuous, and we were buffeted a little by wind.  However, here in the south it wasn't nearly as bad as the forecast had made out (although I recognise that further north the winds and flooding have been severe).  One advantage of the forecast was that a lot of people appear to have decided to stay at home.  The motorway was as empty as I have ever seen it, as were the car parks in the service areas.

There was some horizontal rain while we were having lunch, but then the sun came out a bit and we had a very pleasant walk around the Blaise Castle estate. (There weren't many other people there either.)

The drive back home was a little busier, but still free running and the weather remained dry but windy.

Now I have a severe back-ache (not sure where that came from) and I'm struggling to move.  I'm hoping for a reasonable night's sleep and hoping that will help.

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