I thought long and hard about what to do for today’s mono Monday theme, “looking in.” I have been out out and about for most of the morning and as I drove from place to place all I could see in every direction was the mountains. So my interpretation of the theme is looking in(to) my car’s side mirror for a bit of the view. Thanks to 60plus for stepping in on short notice to host.

Something cool happened over the last couple of days. SUNY Fredonia, my college alma mater, puts out a publication for alumni every quarter. I read that an old friend had lost her husband, who I also knew. I contacted the Alumni Association and they were able to provide her email. I heard back from her last night.

MJ and I were two of only three seniors on the intercollegiate volleyball team. My college nickname was crink and she’s now only the 3rd person who still calls me that. I am going to call her today. It’s going to be nice to speak with her.

Rain coming this afternoon so I need to get more stuff done rather than sitting in the car posting this blip before it turns ugly. Have a good week.

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