horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

No Longer So Blue

Hmmmm, not the image I was actually going to put on here, but rather this was a smile I needed to see after a pretty tense weekend up north trying to help deal with some family issues. For some reason the smile pic refuses to upload.

In the end nothing was resolved, and even an easier journey home to Edinburgh, rather than the original fractured trip north couldn't completely relax me. But once home I watched the first half of the England - France match, and confident we were going to go on and win (with non-close matches actually being quite dull) we headed out for another spin in the new car.

Bits of that finally put a smile on my face, as did a lovely dinner, and chatting to my mate Steven (he of the smug daddy and chicken-gripping blips of previous days) till around midnight. Of course I appear to have caught something (probably off someone on the train) so had a broken night's sleep (eventually retiring to the spare room so as not to break Mel's sleep as well) and consequently I'm utterly knackered this morning (yep, this is effectively a back blip) and not in the mood to deal with people hassling me for something not being done yet despite the fact it was delayed from being done last week by the very people hassling me that it's not done yet.

But instead of getting wound up I'm switching to my ultra-nice mode, it seems to wind-up the winders thereby rendering them windees instead.

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