Loooking in the kitchen drawer

Fitness Class this afternoon.  It was in the small Church Hall today.  The radiators weren't working but they had left a couple of tiny fan heaters for Emma to plug in.  Surprisingly they made the room quite warm.  Not many there today  - I guess a lot of the old folk preferred to remain indoors rather than venture out in the bitter cold strong wind.

Of course I had to venture out again this evening to go to Slimming Group.  I lost 4 pounds tonight.  Very pleased - especially as I gained 3 pounds last week. ( Only 8 more pounds to lose until I get back into my target range.)

The Mono Monday challenge theme today is " Looking In".  I was looking in a kitchen drawer trying to find a potato peeler and suddenly thought that it might fit the theme.  As you can see the drawer is a real jumble of cutlery and kitchen implements.  I tidy it now and again but it soon gets back into this state. You will be pleased to hear I did find the potato peeler.  Thanks to 60plus for taking over the challenge for this month.

Musical link  THE SEARCH IS OVER by Survivor

Steps today - 13,026

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