The Pensioner

By Pensioner

Wet Out

Another sleety blowy day. So bad the new Forth Road Bridge aka the Queensferry crossing, is closed. But the old one is still open. Knew they should have made a tunnel. 
So anyway.. the Oscars, and as luck would have it we’d planned to go see Parasite on this very day - and it did pretty well scooping four Awards - best film, director, international film and screenplay. If you have a film, Oscars are always ‘scooped’ btw. None of the cast was as much as nominated. Which you could consider strange. But they are Korean and it’s subtitled, so that’s understandable, right? Discuss.
And a very decent film indeed it is, I do agree. Half way through, just very good, then a whole lot better. And rather sad. How true it is to Korean society it is, I have no idea. Discuss. But then neither is Joker. Discuss. 
What about that crowd boogalooing along to Eminem though. I thought I was bad. We have a gig on Friday which is all seated. I’ll try and behave.

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