By dreaming

Tiny flowers

I photographed these dried but still lovely blossoms on my way to get a haircut, my first activity of the day.  At least I will look neat while away.  Some more distressing insurance news (not about the surgery), then a call from cousin Sharon telling me all will be well and that's she'll be thinking of me tomorrow.  Then I realized that I hadn't washed some sweaters that I usually live in, so it was back to Lex's house to do more delicate laundry.  I got my prescriptions, bought them a fresh carton of milk, and then read a book while waiting for the laundry to be done.  I came home to a lovely message from Gena and Terri wishing me well.  And now I'm working up the energy to take the anti-bacterial shower that's required tonight and tomorrow.

All my friends on Blip have been so encouraging and your well-wishes feel so good.  If anyone could make this ordeal bearable, it is all of you.  I love you for that.

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