By JohnW

Atlantic Road and the Bergtatt Caves

Today we had a floating stop at Kristiansund, and a tour through the Atlantic Tunnel and along the Atlantic Road to visit the Bergtatt Caves.
I was hoping for some spectacular shots of the caves supplemented with shots of the Atlantic Road and even the tunnel.
Well, all I got was not very good shots from inside  a rain soaked coach, and motion blurred shots inside the caves, so the blip is of Kristiansund Church, taken from the ship.
For the record, the trip along the Atlantic Road was spectacular, and the 3 ½ mile long tunnel which is some 250 mtrs below sea level (at its lowest) was an experience.
In the caves we were treated to a saxophonist which made the experience magical with the sounds echoing around us as we were taken in the ‘barges’ through the flooded caves.  At extras I have included a shot of the saxophonist from our barge, and two in the tunnels which have turned into magical abstracts themselves.

For the record, I had wound the EOS R up to ISO 40,000, but it was still not fast enough from a moving barge.

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