Keith B

By keibr

Sun, Blue Sky, Ice, and Reflections

We were in town early today - Jan was due to lose a tooth at the dentist, but I'll leave her to tell that story.
While she was in there I was doing some last minute shopping and enjoying a very lovely morning. This picture is taken from the island, looking across the Northern Sound to the mainland. The sea froze quite recently so there's no snow to mar the ice and the reflections in the ice.  The blues were beautiful.
Back home we were busy with final preparations. I emptied the car so there's room for three visitors + us two + all their luggage. I also gave it a rough wash as the winter roads leave the car very dirty. If you aren't used to it you can end up with very grubby coats etc.
A round of baking this evening so we all have bread to eat tonight or tomorrow.
In a few minutes we are off to the airport to pick them up of the flight landing at a quarter to midnight.

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