Invisible Pub - Lunch

Today I decided to have lunch in one of the many pubs in Aberdeen. I wonder how many there are within the city limits. The pub I chose is well known, but not thanks to its visibility. At street level the pub is almost invisible, and it would be fairly easy to walk past it and not even know it was there.

The pub is in the basement of a building that would no doubt have been a terraced house at one time, but is now an office. I have attempted to show in the upper photograph how it is hidden from view at street level. Very discreet, no chance of the spouse or boss noticing someone having a long lunch.

I am no longer used to pub lunches. At one time it was normal, but now a beer at lunch time just seems to knock me out. How I used to manage to do anything productive after a pub lunch I don't know, but at one time, in London at any rate, they were quite normal. I suspect less so now.

As a consequence of my lunch, or at any rate the beer, I had to follow it up about an hour later with a medicinal dose of caffeine in the form of coffee. Must remember to only go to the pub at lunch time when I can sleep it off afterwards. I hesitate to add the beer consumption was moderate, not a session.

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