No mention of the weather!

A trip around the place getting a couple of things for tomorrow which is a bit of a special day, y’see. Ending up with a very enjoyable sit in Artisan Roast in Broughton St - if you go for a filter coffee, they’ll top it up. Yes. And there was a Guardian to read. Though I also read away online as Boris was reshuffling his cabinet, getting rid of the few awkward people that had somehow kept their jobs in the previous purge. And then Sajid Javid was sent packing. As I did wonder, once Cummings eventually throws in the towel with frustration (him being a genius after all, and the nation essentially being a collection of dullards unworthy of him), might Johnson be rather exposed (yeuch!) with quite a few enemies behind him?
Later up to the RSA to see the opening of New Contemporaries, as one must, of course. And then on to the Lyceum to see a terrific bit of theatre: Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of) done by six young women. A bit overlong maybe but very deserving of its standing ovation. And we only had to wait two minutes for a bus afterwards! That always makes me very happy.

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