Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Black Devon Wetlands

As today is to be the last before the next storm arrives we thought we should get out for a walk. It isn't particularly pleasant but a lot better than the weekend is forecast. I've been wanting to visit the RSPB site in Alloa for ages. It's called Black Devon Wetlands. The Black Devon is a river which rises to the east of Dollar and flows into the Forth at Alloa. The wetlands are reclaimed land which provide a great habitat for a variety of birds and amphibious creatures. This is a fairly newly installed boardwalk over the wetlands to the bird hide. The hide itself is a lovely structure with panels designed by Astrid Jaekel. I've put an extra of a couple of these panels.

We really didn't see many birds - one mute swan, a few ducks and some geese and heron overhead. But what a nice place, right by the old docks in Alloa on this land which had become degraded.

I've had two damp walks so there might not be any more. But there is an XR event in town this afternoon which will tempt me out I suspect.

I haven't been back to the dentist today but there is a suspicious twinge round the rogue area. I'm not leaping to make another visit though. Luckily my dentist is the on call emergency over the weekend so he will see me if need be. I'm sure he's hoping not and so am I!

Wishing you all a good weekend.

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