Unexpected Flowers

Baby Emily slept until 8 this morning - 12 hours! Pretty normal really…

We had already eaten our breakfast, so I then made breakfast for her - banana eggy bread and blueberries - which all disappeared! Her mum says she can come again!

Heating maintenance people arrived to service the boiler shortly around 9:30 and left by 10:30, so Emily and I went off to the supermarket.

Back home for a snack and a play and then lunch (which has all gone) and then it was time for a nap! No nap for grandad as he had to do the jobs that he should have done this morning - dishwasher, washing up, washing etc…. oh and I needed a blip

These crocuses have appeared in the middle of our grass - I have never planted them so presumably they have grown from seed brought in, maybe by birds.

As you my notice this is taken with a Lumix LX5. After the demise of my LX5 recently, a very kind blipper (marpaul) offered me her old, redundant one. Well it arrived in the post this morning and I am as happy as anything. I now have a decent pocket camera again.

Early blip as I shall be heading off to Doncaster to return baby Emily as soon as she wakes up.

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