Lost in Thought

By steveng

Steel Poppies (FF14_2020)

The nearest I was going to get to any flowers today was this large scale piece in the garden at Nature in Art where we went to see the travelling exhibition of the International Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  The exhibition was perhaps not as engaging as in previous years, we didn't see anything we would have on the wall at home, but there were still several brilliant photographs. One room is mostly what I would call brutal reality images, including e.g. one of a baby hippo in the jaws of a rival male.  The room guides said a few visitors had been upset by some of the images, although most appreciated they show the reality of nature in the raw.

Very glad we went to see the artists in residence Claudia Hahn and the Gloucestershire Soc for Botanical Illustrators.  They both had some seriously good art works on display - and I can see where Gill's painting efforts are going next!
Alternatively - the cash which was not splashed on valentines day flowers might well be going on a botanical artist day :-)

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