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By steveng

Pinning Down the widwed130219 results

Struggling for inspiration today so an EB of the first thing to catch my eye - one of Gill's dressmaking pins.

Apt as I have had a difficult time pinning down which of the Wide Wednesday entries to give awards to.  I could have easily gone for more favourites and honourable mentions, but in the interests of getting the results out today I'll stick to five of each.  The theme was infrastructure and I have been impressed at the way many of you have found a way to get two or three examples into your blip, frequently showing the march of progress.

It has been a pleasure hosting for the past three weeks - hope you have all enjoyed entering as much as I have going through the entries.  You are an imaginative, creative, skilled bunch!  Normal service next week with the return of BobsBlips.

And so - the results:

Favourites to:

RobBris50 - Bristol Cranes

60Plus - Tyne Toll Barrier

DavidC - multiple infrastructure, colour pop and motion - all in one blip.
if I were to choose a winner - this would be it!

Miffy - The updated Motueka River Bridge

Graham Colling - Spaghetti Junction Canal

Honourable Mentions to:

Richarg - alternative (future?) infrastructure
Kengrace - geometry/symmetry
Dollykgray - suffering for her blip
Robin - Aberdeen Harbour panorama
Miranda 1008 - take a look large on black for the full effect

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