Lost in Thought

By steveng

The Church and the Fence

We had an interesting chat with our IFA yesterday, mostly about my/our pension plan, which thankfully appears to be doing well, but also about life in general and the reasons I wanted to retire in the first place.

 One of those was to have more time to develop my photography which largely involves around improving my eye for an image, and very definitely not around buying more hardware or footering with what I already have.  So, I decided some sort of focussed learning was what I needed and have signed up for David DuChemin's Master your Craft

I have followed several of his YouTube videos and read a few of his books so I know I am OK with his teaching style. The first session (of 19) involves an assignment of making 12 images, linked together in some way so I have chosen Charlecote Park as it is not far and I am reasonably familiar with it.  Gill and I had a short walk around part of the deer park today sorting out what might be the things a visitor would notice.  We both thought the fence, the church and the nearby flying school would feature in most people's ideas so they are in these first two images.

I really enjoyed my week up at LPH last November, so I'm hoping a 19 week course, at a less intense pace, might be a good way to consolidate a lot of the ideas.

In other news:  Gill has decided to retire from the pharmacy at the end of March!  That should free up some time for tootling about in the motorhome :-)

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments on my hosting Wide Wednesday over the past three weeks. Going through the entries is a great way to see how other blippers approach a theme and this being a wonderfully sportive community, no-one ever gripes about the choices!

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