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There was a bit of a thaw earlier today making it theoretically possible to escape my environs. Sadly, I had various frustrating bits of business to undertake, and although I was thwarted in most of these they still enveloped enough of the day to prevent taking off anywhere. This spot marks pretty much the furthest point from home that I reached today, the old disused canal in Castlefields park. Chaveywell Bridge can be seen in the distance.


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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Dr Feelgood - I Don't Mind (Peel Session) (recorded 21 January 1975)
This was from Dr Feelgood's first and classic John Peel session, which, unlike the album Down By The Jetty, from which this Wilko Johnson song was taken, was broadcast in stereo. If you want more, leave the clip running to hear the other three songs recorded in the session, recorded 38 years ago from this day. Wilko Johnson is shortly to embark on his final tour, having sadly been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. His choppy machine gun guitar style, half lead, half rhythm, inspired by Mick Green, preceded punk rock and was hugely influential on many a young group, remaining so to this day.

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