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By Kanyl

Fits the date?

I discovered the Photoshop© "fault".
Seems the newer OS doesn't support it and you can no longer buy Photoshop©.
It'll probably rake in VASTLY more at a per month rate. e.g If I read it aright Lightroom is about £10(rounded) per month, or Photoshop for £20.

If I took Photoshop on again it pans out, in round figures, at 20X10=£200 per annum. Survive 5 years'll set me back £1,000; and if I'm unlucky enough to last another five that would be "TWO grand" out of the senile pocket. NO Tah!
NOT if I can find cheaper/free elsewhere. For instance it seems Gimp© is free and Affinity© pans out at a one-off of a mere £50. Now THAT I can live with.
Meanwhile I'll be somewhat restricted in the editing dept. until I learn my way around.
: ¬ ( 

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